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Welcome to our new (internet) home!

Since moving out of the Beaumont medical building in late 2006 and into our new home at 4190 Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills, we have enjoyed continued success in all aspects of advanced reproductive medicine and surgery. We thought you might like an update on our activities of 2007 and 2008


We have continued to provide cutting edge (excuse the pun) minimally invasive procedures for difficult cases of pelvic adhesive disease, endometriosis, uterine fibroids and other common pelvic conditions.  While the vast majority of these conditions can be handled by our well established CO2 laser and pelvicscopic methods, we have added Laparoscopic daVinci robotic techniques to further expand the scope of minimally invasive procedures.  For patients needing alternatives to a traditional hysterectomy, we have continued to offer all patients laparoscopic methods leading to early discharges, significant reductions in postoperative pain, and more rapid return to normal activities.  We have also expanded our list of available surgical facilities to include not only Beaumont, Royal Oak and Troy, but DMC – Berry Center in West Bloomfield as well.


Outcomes are extremely rewarding.  Outcomes continue for us and our patients this year with many patients successfully conceiving via office based treatments involving superovulation (COH) with or without intra-uterine insemination (IUI).  Many of these patients had been previously advised that their cases were hopeless without the more elaborate and expensive alternative of IVF treatment.  Our commitment to finding the cause of reproductive impairment remains of importance, as treatment of the root cause is often all that is necessary to achieve success. 

Of course, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is sometimes required for select patients after careful individualized evaluation and consultation or when couples fail to conceive after a fair trial of conventional treatment.  Our IVF patient have enjoyed an overall success rate of greater then 60% per fresh cycle across all age groups.  We have been able to achieve such results with a minimum risk of multiple birth by scrutinizing the available laboratories in our area and utilizing the lab with the best current statistics, allowing us to transfer a minimal number of high quality embryos without sacrificing overall success.  Our frozen embryo (thaw) cycles have also enjoyed a success rate in excess of 65% as well.  These data will not appear in the CDC or SART databases until 2009 due to the required delay in reporting to allow collective livebirth rate, but they compare very favorably with national norms. 


Our immuno-andrology lab has been consistently retrieving usable washed sperm from suboptimal specimens.  We have enjoyed working with other practices who have utilized our lab not only for accurate diagnostic studies such as semen analysis using a more precise (Kruger) strict criteria of assessment, but also providing semen processing for patients who prefer to have intra-uterine insemination (IUI) done in their referring gynecologists’ offices.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), may be a significant problem for patients.  This may affect fertility chances, cause menstrual irregularities, or affect the patient’s future health.  We can help in diagnosis, treatment, and advise on decreasing future health risks secondary to PCOS.


Always an important issue in health care in general, it is wise to come in for a consultation to see what the specific problems and subsequent treatment plan would involve.  It is often not possible to determine coverage strictly on the basis of participation in a particular insurance network.  For those who wish, a phone consultation with Marie, our office manager may help answer many of these questions.  While many infertility treatments may not be covered under conventional insurance policies, we continue to offer care with the object of performing only essential testing and procedures and still maintain the goal of excellent care.  We also continue our efforts in negotiating with insurance companies to help patients with their insurers in terms of claims processing. 

As you can see, it has been a busy, productive time for us.  We are anxious to continue growing in providing quality service, satisfaction, and hopefully joy!